Haute Couture Music

Film Scores / Sonic Performances / Museal Music

Live Magazine

Since its creation in 2016 Les Garçons have been Live Magazine’s sound designers & composers. They compose and perform an original piece of music for each story. 100+ shows in 15+ cities.

10 wonder sites of Unesco

Composition and production of a 5.1 soundtrack for the permanent immersive exhibition of the Salines Royales d’Arc-et-Senan, France.


Creation, production & live execution of the sonic identity of the 2022 Saut Hermès in Paris.
Jingles, victory themes, sonic momentums and other ambiences.



During lockdown, Hennessy asked Les Garçons to create and perform the music of a special TV show (in Cognac) replacing their annual conference.

Live Creation at KVS

Les Garçons were asked by Yassine Payne, an urban contemporary danser, to create the musical universe for a one-off performance at the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg in Brussels.

« Alep, voyage au coeur de 5.000 ans d’histoire »

Les Garçons have composed and produced a quadraphonic soundtrack for an immersive 3D dive into Aleppo. The exhibition was held at the prestigious Boghossian Foundation in Brussels.

MIMA Museum

Original soundtrack for the animated movie announcing the Brussels-based museum’s latest exhibition: MIMA RELOAD.

Rock Opera

Creation of the Rock Opera « La Posternité » presented at La Maroquinerie in Paris on January 26, 2020 with a team of actors, choreographers, dancers, and extended music band.