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Chine : Opérations Secrètes

Everprod / Elephant TV – France Télévision

From France to the United States, from Beijing to Djibouti, the film by Nolwenn Le Fustec and Antoine Izambard tells the story of an unknown and ruthless war, and clandestine operations aimed at destabilizing Western democracies and making China the leading global power by 2049. Produced by Amandine Chambelland.

Devenir Roi

Tournez s’il vous plaît – France Télévisions

Let yourself be guided into the little-known world of drag kings, where individuals portray masculinity while drag queens embody the codes of femininity. ‘Devenir Roi’ traces the history and daily life of Cha, a young drag king who, through his art, breaks free from norms and explores gender. Directed by Manon Selli.

Trop Chaud Pour Travailler

Tournez s’il vous plaît – Arte TV

With climate change, more workers face heat stress and health risks. In some regions, like the Persian Gulf, thousands suffer premature deaths attributed to heat. Qatar has enacted laws limiting outdoor work in high temperatures. Central America faces a chronic kidney disease epidemic, overwhelming health systems. Globally, heat-related incidents rise, impacting productivity and costing over $2 trillion annually. The film, directed by Mikaël Lefrançois, highlights the urgent need for adaptation measures to protect vulnerable workers. Experts advocate rethinking production, legislation, and urban planning to address this growing crisis.

Jair Bolsonaro, l’autre Brésil

Babel Doc – France Télévisions

His supporters dub him « the Myth » and hail him as a national savior. Jair Bolsonaro, conservative and ardent defender of agribusiness, personifies an unfamiliar Brazil on the global stage. Since his 2018 election, his anti-communist rhetoric and provocative stances have stirred controversy. Despite claiming political incorrectness, Bolsonaro’s complexity has garnered support across Brazilian society. After four years, with 25% still backing him, his tenure raises questions about Brazilian democracy’s stability. Unveiling an unexpected leader and an alternate Brazil. Written and directed by Ingrid Piponiot and Lætitia Rossi.

USA, La Nouvelle Colonie

Cat & Cie – M6

In the American Northwest, a new frontier beckons those seeking freedom and open spaces, but it also harbors a radical right fringe. Tâm Melacca and Gary Grabli follow the journey of a San Francisco family relocating to Idaho and encounters colorful characters like Viper, a reactionary biker, and Brett, a pro-Trump real estate agent. Controversial figures such as Pastor Bradshaw and Ammon Bundy, a former rebel against the FBI now running for governor, are also featured. While some residents adapt, others, like farmer Jennifer and Spokane’s sheriff, express concern about the rise of armed militias targeting minorities.

L’envolée, Les Virtuoses de Guadeloupe

Babel Doc – France Télévisions

Young Guadeloupean talents in dance and piano. In the French Overseas Territories, aspiring to become a professional pianist or ballerina requires as much imagination as perseverance, given the lack of educational and support structures. Yet, in Guadeloupe, Matis, Olivia, and Naomie have decided that nothing is impossible. Directed by Sonia Hedidi.