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Live Magazine

Since its inception in 2016, Les Garçons have served as Live Magazine’s sound designers and composers. They create and perform unique pieces of music for each story, contributing to over 100 shows across more than 15 cities. Explore further at


Designing, producing, and executing the sonic identity for the 2022 Saut Hermès in Paris, encompassing jingles, victory themes, sonic ambiances, and other immersive elements. Learn more at

Live Creation at KVS

Les Garçons were approached by Yassine Payne, an urban contemporary dancer, to craft the musical landscape for a unique performance at the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg in Brussels. Learn more at


During the lockdown period, Hennessy commissioned Les Garçons to compose, produce and perform the music for a special TV show filmed in Cognac, serving as a substitute for their annual conference. Explore more at

La Posternité

The Rock Opera ‘La Posternité’ was brought to life, debuting at La Maroquinerie in Paris on January 26, 2020. The production featured a talented ensemble of actors, choreographers, dancers, and an extended music band.